The following is an authoritative description governing user conduct when using any of the services available on this App.

All participants must be 18 or older

No users under the age of 18 are permitted to use any of our services for any reason in any situation whatsoever, regardless of any variances in local age of majority in your country, state, municipality, etc.

Do not harass other users

If someone does not want to interact with you, then you don't interact with them. Reaching out for initial contact is fine, but if they have made it clear that they are not interested, move on. Every user has the ability to block other chatters, or manage their private message and forum privacy settings to prevent being contacted by people who they do not want to interact with. Circumventing these measures to re-initiate contact with a user who has blocked you constitutes harassment.

Post only legal and non-objectionable content.

Do not upload, link, share, describe, or mention any kind of illegal or objectionable content.

Do not impersonate any other person.

Impersonation of any other person will not be tolerated. This explicitly includes all users of our service, all moderators and staff. Additionally, impersonation of any public figure will not be tolerated. This may be interpreted as an attempt to harass or defame any given figure, or an attempt at social engineering, depending on context, and an offender may bear criminal or civil liability for such actions.

Do not spam or flood

Repeated low-quality chat or forum posting, especially if intended to draw attention from our users toward some outside service, constitutes spam. Doing this frequently, especially with the aid of automation tools, constitutes flooding. Neither is acceptable.

Do not guarantee that you can always meet friends

We do not guarantee that you can dating successful in our app. Now, we are doing our best to improve dating chance and block bad user. However, there are still a little spam users send flooding fake messages in our app. Please improve your concentration when chat with others.

Cancel your subscription without penalty or obligation

In App Purchase in Adult Chat App is one-time purchase. You may cancel your subscription, without penalty or obligation at any time. If you purchase using your Apple ID, refunds are handled by Apple, not Adult Chat App. If you wish to request a refund, please visit

These rules are subject to change

These rules may be changed at any time for any reason, whether to increase restrictions or to lift them. This text will always be available and presented to all users when using our services. Ignorance of changes to the rules is, therefore, no excuse. Continued use of our services, even if rules are updated, constitutes agreement with the rules.